Things to do


Water sports

Sieravuori Watersport Centre is unique in Finland and it offers a fine setting for different kinds of water sports. Our professional staff will guide and train you and rent you the equipment and gear for stand up paddling, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, water skiing and wakeboarding. We are the largest SUP board rental in Finland as we have a selection of over 20 boards. If you are looking for something with more speed, we offer 2 Yamaha SHO Cruiser water jets.

You have re-modelled shower and toilet facilities at your disposal, and you are welcome to enjoy the services of our beach bar. You can find also a small skateboarding ramp and a new children’s pirate ship climbing frame on the beach.

On water sport theme weeks, our professional guest-instructors offer more in-depth training and guidance to boarding sports.

Activities for families with children

Sieravuori offers brilliant options for families looking for a day of fun outdoors!

Children love our beach. The beach is shallow so it is both safe and ideal for building sand castles. The pirate-ship-shaped climbing frame is surely going to spark the imagination. You can find also toilets, showers and a beach café at the beach. All of them are at your disposal regardless of whether you are staying with us for the night.

You can also find walking paths suitable to all ages in the area. They are a great way of experiencing nature, you should definitely give them a go! Our disc golf course offers another opportunity of taking a walk in nature as some of it is in the forest.

We also want to consider the young ones in the family when we plan our events at Sieravuori. In the past years, we have seen Hevisaurus, Robin and Moomins among others on stage. Check out our list of children’s events from our Event calendar.

Oh, and ice cream. We are also serving ice cream!

Weekend getaway

Thanks to our convenient location, you can easily spend your weekend getaway at Sieravuori. It takes two hours to drive here from Metropolitan area or Tampere, one hour from Turku and even less from Pori. So have a holiday, we arrange it for you!

An example of what you could do during your weekend getaway:

You arrive on Friday night, tired slightly after your week of work. You are greeted with a warm sauna at the beach, followed by a dip into Pyhäjärvi-lake, a filling dinner, and comfortable slumber in the fresh sheets of our villa.

On Saturday you start your day slowly with a morning coffee. When you are ready, a walk in the forest might be a good idea. After lunch it is time to enjoy some stand up paddling on Pyhäjärvi-lake. The highlight of the day is sauna - this time the sauna of your own cabin. Fresh from bathing, you put on some nicer clothes and go enjoy your dinner. For dessert we offer you a concert from one of Finland's top artists, let’s say Kaija Koo or Elastinen is our entertainer of choice for this particular weekend. Unlike some other nights, you don’t have to queue for a taxi after a night of fun but you can just walk back to your cabin and retire for the night. On Sunday you return your key when you are ready and head back home. Well-rested.

Sport vacation at Sieravuori

Sieravuori is an ideal choice for people seeking sport vacation!

We offer a wide range of options of sports. Thanks to our versatility, we are also a very popular destination for summer camp organizers. For ice-hockey summer camps for example, we offer stand up paddling to improve your balance, ball games to build your team spirit, and obstacle courses to elevate the atmosphere among other activities. The sky is the limit!

In addition to our versatile selection of sport activities, we arrange several different sporting events each year. “Hyvän olon Sieravuori” wellness day, “HöntsäBiitsi” relaxed beach volley event and “Sieravuoren Beach Futis” beach football games among others are one of our yearly traditions.

Nature paths to explore

You can feel the peaceful atmosphere of Sieravuori’s nature. Our nature paths cover the area and there’s surely a suitable path for everybody. We recommend making a picnic out of it: pack some snacks, have a coffee at the fire of our lean-to, and enjoy the view over beautiful Pyhäjärvi-lake.

School camps for children

Camp fire atmosphere, learning in nature and your own disco in the evening! Welcome to your school camp at Sieravuori!

Our versatility is the key of arranging the school camp of your lifetime. We offer the most interesting sports, with or without the guidance of instructors. You can also have a movie night, a cooking class making pizza, or your own disco at Disco Loponen. Call or email us, we would love to arrange you the best school camp of your life!